System Dynamics SCIP

A Scip Plug-In for Solving System Dynamics Optimization Problems

SD-SCIP is a collection of data-handling and solving plugins for SCIP intended for MINLPs that arise from the discretization of a set of ordinary differential equations. It provides a primal heuristic, an extensive reachability analysis using an OBBT approach, and a propagation method based on differential inequalities. SD-SCIP is developed as part of the project ''System Dynamics Optimization'' of the DFG funded CRC 1026 ''Sustainable Manufacturing'' and is under active development.


Information on some of the algorithmic ideas for the primal heuristic and reachability analysis can be found in the following papers. A more detailed description is in preparation.

The implementation of the bound propagation using differential inequalities is based on the algorithm described in the following paper:

  • Bounds on the reachable sets of nonlinear control systems Joseph K. Scott, Paul I. Barton, Automatica, 2013

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SD-SCIP is distributed under the GPL. To download the code and installation instructions visit the SD-SCIP Github repository.

SD-SCIP on GitHub


SD-SCIP is developed by Ingmar Vierhaus and Robert Gottwald. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have questions or problems or to report bugs.